“What if? Shield takes the world as it is not as we would like it to be”. For Marvel fans, you know who said these words. For all you other uncool people, let me coolify you.


These are famous words from the director of SHIELD, Mr. Nichlous J. Fury, a character brought to life by one Samuel L. Jackson, and the movie is “Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)”. Look at that; you learned a dope saying, and you are finally cool.


What if he was wrong? I mean, he is right, but what if we could prove him wrong?

Think about it for a minute. A world where a majority of the youth, especially here in Africa, have jobs, have a future, and can provide for their families A world where the mother continent is under good leadership—I mean, the leadership that ensures she thrives, prospers, and educates her children—takes She takes care of her natural resources and provides for the rest of the world, but on her own terms. Where she... I know most of you are like, Wake up!! But I tell you, it is a world we can achieve in our generation's lifetime.


An Illustration of Mother Africa

Wait, wait! Listen, before you say I am 'delulu', let me tell you how. Let me give you the combination to the safe that has all the secrets, which is actually a two-key combination. VC and Startup, are not so far-fetched as some of us may wonder; we have the spirit of VC in our blood, but we are just not channelling it the right way. Think of it this way, we always come together and change to help someone in need; we can do that and invest in a solution for Africa by Africa. How nice would it be to be able to control our destiny and determine our future? I know like me, you're intrigued, so here's the deal, Africa is rich with ideas.


Super talented people; the only thing holding us back is capital. It is not because we don't have it; it is because we don't believe in ourselves enough to put our resources into one of our ideas. We can do it, folks. As a team, we can fund our ideas, lift our continent, and make it a better place for future generations. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Oh and if you are wondering, has someone already started walking this journey? The answer is yes, Through the inspiring story of one man, people are marching towards 10, 10, 10. If you are lost a little bit, don't worry, check out www.lmpactAfrica.network.